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Cool off this summer

Kiwi Ice Pops

Kiwi Ice Pop

Serves 12

4 ripe kiwi

1½ cups freshly juiced pineapple

½ teaspoon of whatever natural sweeteners you prefer (honey, agave, date sugar, stevia or more pineapple juice) Note: Date sugar is hard to dissolve in liquids.


Using a paring knife, cut kiwis into quarters, peel flesh and remove the white core.

Place the kiwi pieces into the food processor.

Pour in pineapple juice.

Add in sweetener(optional)

Blend on low speed for a few seconds.

Add more sweetener for taste

Pour the mixture into the Popsicle mold.

Insert Popsicle sticks. Freeze until completely frozen ( estimated time: 6 hours)

My kids love this healthy cooling snack.

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