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Moringa Oleifera

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What is Moringa? 


Moringa Oleifera is called the “Miracle Tree”, Tree of Life, and “Neverday,” and it has many other names in languages around the world. The Moringa tree is used as a health and medicinal plant that contains more than 92 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants. These wonderful trees have been around for centuries. It is used in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, and Oceania for prevention and healing. Moringa is believed to cure an estimated three hundred diseases, and have nearly all the vitamins found in fruits and vegetables. 


Health Benefits: 

• 46 Antioxidants

• 36 Anti-Inflammatories

• 9 Essential Amino Acids, 18 Amino acids in total 

• Nourishes the Immune System

• Promotes Healthy Circulation

• Supports Normal Glucose Levels

• Natural Anti-Aging Benefits