Nutri-Nique Living is a way of life that offers the best holistic approach for weight loss, disease management/ prevention, digestive wellness, and clean eating detox programs. We offer healthy lifestyle programs designed to meet your health and wellness needs.  Nutri-Nique Living is committed to helping individuals improve their eating habits, health, and detox naturally. 


Our goals are to help individuals to eat healthy, live healthy and stay healthy with lifestyle changes that will get results.  We coach, encourage, motivate and educate the bio-individual to make the right choices of what foods and lifestyle that best meets their needs.  Furthermore, we teach our clients how to prepare homemade meals, education about prevention, chronic diseases, and environmental health. We work closely with our integrative team, a Naturopathic doctor, certified fitness expert, and life coach to provide a client-centered environment that will help clients set and reach achievable lifestyle goals.  We focus on, disease prevention, your nutritional needs, balancing your biochemistry, healthy food choices, reduce stress, physical activities, and other individualized wellness needs.

Getting Results

I met Antoinette almost 3  years ago and she has really been an inspiration in my journey to weight loss and better health. Antoinette is an expert in her field, and has been relentless in helping me to achieve my goals.  L. Alison

              Clinical Nutritionist

          Clean Eating Nutritionist

    Certified Holistic Health Coach

        Clean Eating Detox Coach

                Weight Loss Coach

         Public Health Professional

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