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The Eater's Way Diet

The Eater’s Way Diet is a lifestyle program designed by Clinical /Clean Eating Nutritionist, Antoinette Ouattara as a holistic approach to help individuals reduce or reverse high blood pressure and reverse or manage diabetes.  


Mrs. Ouattara, MPH, MS developed this all-inclusive Metabolic Syndrome program after spending many years working with clients that struggle with high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. 


Realizing that all of her clients have diverse lifestyles because they came from different cultural backgrounds, ate different foods, and lived in different environments with different world-views, which can influence eating habits and lifestyle behaviors. 


Antoinette Ouattara, MPH, MS realized that no single diet plan could possibly fit all individuals. So, she developed a comprehensive lifestyle program that focused on the individual habits & lifestyles of her clients that will help them reduce or reverse high blood pressure, and reverse or manage diabetes.   


The Eater's Way Diet is designed to meet your individual wellness needs with its 3 phases “The Way You Eat” Approach.


The Eater's Way Diet is a 3-phase program based largely on incorporating more, clean wholesome foods, plant-based foods, along with an anti-inflammatory protocol into your life, with the goal to lower blood pressure, normalizing blood sugar levels, and helping with weight loss, reducing or eliminating inflammation, and in general, improving your quality of life.


The Eater's Way Diet provides each individual with a customized program that takes you through a 3-phase process, The Way You Eat” approach of eating healthier, losing weight, and detoxing, complete with step-by-step coaching sessions. 


This lifestyle approach does not restrict foods but encourages you to add in a new healthy food each day. Antoinette doesn’t tell you to stop eating unhealthy foods right away; instead, she teaches how to add a healthy choice to your diet and the negative outcome of unhealthy foods. For example, adding one to three plant-based foods, and before you know it, you have phased in the healthy and phased out the unhealthy.

This all-inclusive Metabolic Syndrome program offers personalized nutritional sessions that will teach you how to eat healthily, improve your health, disease management/prevention and discover the tools for a lifetime of balance. This unique disease management, weight loss, and cleaning eating program will take you on a journey that will radically change your life.

This program will guide you through the day-to-day challenges of eating healthy, emotional eating, maintaining a healthy weight, and physical inactivity.



Membership is $ 425 per month

with at least a 3-month commitment.   

“Success doesn't happen overnight."


The program Package includes:


3 phases “The Way You Eat” Approach 


Phase: 1 Comprehensive Wellness Assessment -4 weeks

Phase: 2 The Way You Eat” Approach - Put it into Action Plan -4 weeks

Phase: 3 Getting the Best Results -Based on the way you Eat! -4 weeks




Book your FREE 20-minute complimentary session to learn more about The Eater's Way Diet and to see if this program is the right fit! I would love to help you explore some options to help you achieve your goals and address your wellness needs. After booking your free consultation, you will receive an email with instructions on how to prepare for your Nutrition Consultation.

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