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The Eater's Way Diet

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What is Metabolic Syndrome?


Metabolic Syndrome is a collection of risk factors that increase the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It is characterized by elevated blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels. By addressing each of these components, The Eater's Way Diet -Metabolic Syndrome Program can help reduce high blood pressure manage blood sugar levels, weight loss, and improve overall health.

The Eater's Way Diet is a 3-phase program based largely on incorporating more, clean wholesome foods, plant-based foods, along with an anti-inflammatory protocol into your life, with the goal to lower blood pressure, normalizing blood sugar levels, and helping with weight loss, reducing or eliminating inflammation, and in general, improving your quality of life.


The Eater's Way Diet provides each individual with a customized program that takes you through a 3-phase process, The Way You Eat” approach of eating healthier, losing weight, and detoxing, complete with step-by-step nutrition coaching sessions. 

This all-inclusive Metabolic Syndrome program offers personalized nutritional sessions that will teach you how to eat healthily, improve your health, disease management/prevention and discover the tools for a lifetime of balance. This unique disease management, weight loss, and cleaning eating program will take you on a journey that will radically change your life.

Our program also offers regular follow-up appointments to ensure that you are making progress and staying on track.

This program will guide you through the day-to-day challenges of eating healthy, emotional eating, maintaining a healthy weight, and physical inactivity.

3 phases “The Way You Eat” Approach 

Phase -1
Comprehensive Wellness Assessment -4 week Program

Our Comprehensive Wellness Assessment is designed to help reduce high blood pressure, normalize blood sugar, and aid in weight loss. This comprehensive assessment includes an evaluation of your diet, lifestyle, and health history to create an individualized plan to reduce your blood pressure. Our team of experts will work with you to develop strategies to help you reach your health goals.  We will assess your labs or order labs if needed. 

4-week Program includes

  • Comprehensive Wellness Assessment 

  • Access to Client Portal 

  • 2 Follow - up Sessions

  • The Eater's Way Diet CookBook( Ebook) 

  • Lab assessment or order labs

  • Nutrition Care Plan with Recommendations

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Phase -2 The Way You Eat” Approach - Put  into Action Plan -4 week Program 

The Way You Eat” Approach is a great way to reduce high blood pressure, normalize blood sugar levels, and promote healthy weight loss. By focusing on clean, plant-based whole foods and eliminating processed and unhealthy ingredients, clean eating can help lower blood pressure, promote better health, and lead to sustainable weight loss. With clean eating, you can enjoy delicious meals without sacrificing your health.

4-week Program Includes

  • Put into Action-reevaluate biometric screening 

  • 2-follow -sessions

  • Meal Prepping techniques 

  • Setting Goals

  • Revisit Recommendations or new recommendations 

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Phase: 3 Getting the Best Results -Based on the way you Eat! -4 Program 

The Eater's Way Diet, goals are to help you get the best results from changing your lifestyle. Our team of experienced nutritionists and health professionals will help you create a sustainable personalized plan to reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure, manage high blood pressure, and normalize blood sugar and weight loss.  With our guidance, you will be able to make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle to lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health.

4-week Program Includes

  • Getting Results- Assess biometric screening

  • What changed in your diet or needs to change?

  • What goals did you accomplish?  New or old goals

  • Herbs or supplements recommendations

  • 2 - follow up sessions

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