New TeleNutrition services

Nutri-Nique Living is now offering TeleNutrition virtual sessions, so clients can obtain quality, convenient, and affordable nutritional counseling without having to leave their homes, offices, coffee shops, etc.


HIPAA Compliant 
1:1 video calls
Group video calls
Follow- up sessions
Health and wellness monthly plans 



Clients can have access to HIPAA compliant video conferencing without leaving their homes, offices, etc.
More frequent sessions and follow-up
Better health and wellness outcomes

Schedule Your TeleNutrition Session

What do you need to get started?
All you will need is your computer, tablet, or cell phone, and available internet, wifi, or data.


Telenutrition -Nutritional Counseling Fees
Initial Consultation: $185
Follow-up $90
Health and wellness plans  $ 340  per month ( 3 months commitment )



  1. Schedule an appointment 

  2. Receive appointment confirmation via email

  3. Receive a link to complete intake health forms

  4. Receive instructions on how to access the TeleNuttrition virtual portal ( Quick and easy)

Getting Results

I met Antoinette almost 3  years ago and she has really been an inspiration in my journey to weight loss and better health. Antoinette is an expert in her field, and has been relentless in helping me to achieve my goals.  L. Alison

              Clinical Nutritionist

          Clean Eating Nutritionist

    Certified Holistic Health Coach

        Clean Eating Detox Coach

                Weight Loss Coach

         Public Health Professional

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