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The Green & Blue Sky is a unique blend of Sencha green leaves and blue corn flowers. It's refreshing and robust flavor that can be both sweet and tangy. Sencha, a variety of green tea, is a staple in Japanese tea culture.  The production process of Sencha leaves also contributes to its unique characteristics. Unlike other green teas, Sencha leaves are not ground but rather, steamed and rolled. This method preserves the integrity of the leaf, allowing each brew to retain the full spectrum of flavors and nutritional benefits.  The  vibrant blue cron flower is not just a visual treat but also a medicinal marvel. It is known for its soothing properties, often used in herbal remedies for various ailments.


A Healthy Habit


Our Green & Blue Sky blend is more than a flavorful journey—it is a path to wellness. The anti-inflammatory properties of blue corn flowers combined with the antioxidant richness of Sencha green leaves make this blend a potent aid in maintaining good health. Regular consumption of this tea could potentially help improve digestion, enhance immunity, and promote a sense of calm.


Organic- Caffeine 

Ingredients: Organic Sencha Green Leaves, Blue Corn Flowers


Loose Leaf Tea

Approx 30 Servingss


How to use:



  • Heat fresh, filtered water just short of the boiling point.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of tea to an infuser, or straight into an 8-oz. mug or cup
  • Pour the heated water into the mug or cup
  • Steep for 2-3 minutes.
  • Strain tea leaves, or take out the infuser.


Sip and enjoy!


 Be The Healer for Thyself"  

Antoinette Ouattara,MPH,MS






Green & Blue Sky Herbal Blend

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