Use Nutri- Nique Living Customized Meal Plan Program, which will help you take the guess work out off achieving your goals.  We will create a meal plan based on your wellness goals, health conditions, food allergies, and nutritional intolerances.


If you have any particular health concerns or conditions, a Clinical Nutritionist can work with you to organize a meal plan that works for you.


Plan incdules:

  • 1- 45 minute Nutrition Coaching Session ( Live online with a Nutritionist)
  • Customized Meal Plan(s)
  • Complete Shopping List 
  • Calories Summary 
  • Macronutrients Summary
  • Micronutrients Summary


Schedule your wellness session with the Nutritionist to discuss your wellness needs and recommendations for your selected meal plan.


See link below to schedule your  meal plan wellness session 

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Customized Meal Plans with Nutritional Counseling Session