This plan was designed to Super  Charge your weight loss.

This plan will assist with weight management by maintaining caloric intake at approximately 1,600 calories per day with a macronutrient ratio of approximately 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

  • Plant-Based Meal Plans 
  • Complete Shopping List 
  • Calories Summary 
  • Macronutrients Summary
  • Micronutrients Summary


Format: Ebook-meal plans


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Spring and Summer Super- Charge Weight Loss Meal Plan


    Getting Results

    I met Antoinette almost 3  years ago and she has really been an inspiration in my journey to weight loss and better health. Antoinette is an expert in her field, and has been relentless in helping me to achieve my goals.  L. Alison

                  Clinical Nutritionist

              Clean Eating Nutritionist

        Certified Holistic Health Coach

            Clean Eating Detox Coach

                    Weight Loss Coach

             Public Health Professional

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